Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silver and Gold, Duality, Gemini

This composition is in the works, though mostly finished.
It's in the place I want it, but, there's a few nagging things that still need redress.
The Gemini symbolism needs a little bit more work.
The hand in the lap with Blue/Gold is also bothering me, so, I may remove that arm/hand combo, and put in another arm/hand doing something else more active or visible.

Getting the model put together in one piece took well over a dozen frames stitched together.  The original piece, which I'll post at the bottom, was a close crop frame, capturing only the model's head, and upper torso; itself  coposite of two frames.

Greater detail added.  Getting close to finished.

still needs more detail ...

work in progress ... Left side mostly finished (choosing arm/hand at this point)

Here's the 'original' Frame/crop (also a composite)

Switching through and looking between this last (original) one and the final pose position, you can see where the knees blocked half of the model's bust, and abdomen.
The knees were removed, and you, of course see the results.  
Since the very top of the heads were chopped, new hair styles were also brought into play.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Event Horizon

The following is a revisit of a shot I've previous composed, but, an altogether new composition.