Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peace. Love and Happiness in the Universe

Below is a composition I'm working on.
It's based on some concepts forwarded by a a gentleman in Switzerland named Billy Meier, mostly as it pertains to his accounts of visitations by by human aliens in UFOs called Pleiadians who say that the universe is a universe of peace, love and happiness, and we here on Earth must grow away from our selfish destructive ways. 

Do I personally believe in UFOs and aliens of any kind?  I would love to, but, I've never seen a UFO, or had any experiences categorized as 'unexplained', so, until then, if ever, I remain a skeptic as it applies to UFOs and aliens.

Something of note; Billy Meier has been working on his mission to create a body of work with a beautiful message for well over 50 years.  Whether or not he's been in contact with extraterrestrials or experienced any of the fantastic things he claims is mostly irrelevant if you get to the core of his message.
Even if tomorrow he was proven an absolute fake in regard to the UFOs and Aliens, I'd still have tons of respect and admiration for the fellow for the beautiful message he's been working on for more than half a century.
Don't get me wrong.  I'm not a joiner.  The reason I like this Meier fellow so much is because I was already living my own version his message long before ever finding out about him or his message.  It's nice to find a kindred spirit.

Anyway, here's the photo composition (you can click for larger view):

This will probably go through a few more revisions before completion, but, such is what I have so far.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My most recent work

The following are my most recent compositions.

Anyone interested in purchasing prints on canvas, photo paper or any common media can contact me ix09@hotmail.com.  For a less personal handling, you can also purchase directly from http://ix09.imagekind.com/
Prints can be sized to fit any space up to 40"x60" and even larger.  Transaction cost will include cost to print, shipping, and handling.  Working directly with me, all prints will be hand signed and dated with number designation of print.  All work shown below at the time of this posting would thus be signed - Matt Marquis (ix09 Photography) 2011 - limited printing, #01, etc.

*     Work here can be representative of custom work.  Should you desire a custom image with a model of your selection, covering a theme of your choosing, I'm open to contract.

*     Prints can be sold based from print number, where also the option is available to purchase exclusivity which will take the image off the market.  Purchasing exclusivity prevents any future print runs.  If you are the first to purchase a print, that print will then be unique, and the only one print in existence.  If other prints have been made previously, your purchase will be the last.
Options for limited exclusivity are also available where you may halt any future print runs for for any negotiable number of years.
Exclusivity does not include reproduction rights.  Exclusivity does not include image display in artist portfolio or publication in in magazines, or books.   

*     If you are a model, and are interested in contacting me to schedule a photo shoot, or even arrange remote long distance handling and processing of RAW photos done by another photographer, you may also contact me at the above listed email address.  

Obi Femme Kenobi

No one messes with the Pink droid

Pink and Green


Pink Flowers

Jedi Bon Temptressa Spunk

The Painted Artist

Lite Brite Jelly

Twist and Ouch!  An Artist and her work