Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 Ravens and a Viking(ish) girl

This composition combines 5 different photos of the model into a unique pose not captured during the photo shoot.  Shot originally in 2009, model nude, against dark backdrop.  All elements; clothing, jewelry, tattoos, spear, and location/atmosphere were added post production.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's good to be the King ...

According to an article on Slashdot, you can get 15 years in prison for criticizing the King of Thailand.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gynoid 1.02

This work and many others can be purchased in several sizes at

The following is another revision I've been working on with some false positive finishes.
I think I may be finished now.

Changes to hair, makeup and background are major points among several others.

Gynoid v1.02:

This work and many others can be purchased in several sizes at

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mermaid Revision + Before and After

This composition was 'complete' several months ago, but, the original arm reaching from the left to right, towards the jelly, always bothered me.  It looked too short due to perspective from the forearm being bent toward the camera.

I've fixed that by replacing the arm with the same arm, but, from a different frame out of the same photo shoot.

Further, I've put together a before-and-after for comparison with the original shot.

Light Brite Jelly (revised)

Original Raw -> Light Bright Jelly (before and after)

Pink and Green II; a variation

This is a variation on something I've done before, with the same tattoo on the same model from the same shoot.
There's a slightly different pose, however, thus, variation.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spider Woman

A mysterious alluring woman that clings to walls?  Spider Woman seems the right name for this one.

Baby got back

Strangely well defined back muscles in a mere waif of a girl weighing all of 90lbs at 5'0" was an interesting surprise.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jinn, Djinn, Genie, Jinni or a Harem girl?

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Djinn, Genie; a capricious spirit known for granting wishes, but, in reality, causing more mischief and ruin than anything benevolent. Wish at your own peril.

I Dream of Genie:

I'm rather happy with the idea to use chameleon lizards on the shoulder straps.  :)

... and here's another with a different model:  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Geisha - Turning Japanese ... I really think so

Geisha; because everything Japanese is so much more awesome.  I got fascinated with Kimonos, and Geisha recently, and before long, I had to grab some shots from a past shoot and turn one of the models into a Geisha.


 Geisha: before and after

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Swan Dance Tango

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The following is the second work in a series of ongoing experiments.

The Swan Dance (Tango)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Running Red

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The following piece is the first piece in an experiment.

Running Red (v1.2):

Fuzzy white ball of light to left of frame in initial version, I thought was too distracting.  Some other changes, additions, subtractions, and improvements to details have been applied.

Running Red (v1.0): 

I was originally planning on doing another Gynoid, this one pulling and breaking away from cables and cords, but, the work progressed to this.  I may do another variation on this as described with another Gynoid  I'm not sure yet.

You can purchase this work and others by visiting

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Niece the action hero

One of my nieces, 12 years old, but 16 to look at the girl, really really likes the movie Sucker Punch.
She asked me if I could do a composite shot of her to put her in place of one or some of the characters.

Using the bodies of a couple characters, with creative liberties taken on background and a few other things, the following resulted.  Please note, these are all face-paste, head in hole type composites, unlike my original work with models.  

Macbook Apple Variations, Skins

I've noticed a trend with some who own Macbooks.  People are skinning their laptops with art, typically integrating the glowing Apple logo into the personalizations.

The following are a some ideas I tossed together in Photoshop.  Feel free to find the source art online, to print your own sticker for use.  I'm too poor to have my own Macbook, iPad, or even a laptop to do this to (Hint - buy some of my art at:   Please?), thus, these are just Photoshop ideas.

Adam + Eve - The Temptation

Adam + Eve - The Temptation (colorized)

The Sacred Heart of Mary

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Adam + Eve -The Temptation

Adam + Eve -The Temptation 

 Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  Buy some of my art at:   Again, Please?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Circle Circle Square Nude; The Body Geometric.

As always, prints in several sizes on paper or canvas can be purchased at -

Reinspired by material from older shoots, here's a new one.

Circle Circle Square Nude; The Body Geometric:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 revisions of older work

The following are 2 revisions of older work with model Skylarr.

Contortion Blonde II

Mirror Mirror II

Saturday, May 28, 2011

3 Clean, Sustainable, Renewable, 'Free' Energy solutions: FOR SALE

I'm poor.  I have no money.  No matter what I might 'invent' as an inventor, I have zero means to make them a viable marketable reality.

For instance, I have 3 clean, renewable, sustainable energy solutions no one else in the market I've seen is developing, working on, or selling.
Clean, green energy these days usually takes the form of Solar, Wind, or Hydroelectric/tidal, and even geothermal.  Other than numerous companies developing their own versions of these solutions, what else is there? 

These solutions have problems.  They're expensive, and the reliability of their performance is dependent on environmental variables, ie; the sun has to shine, the wind must blow, etc.

The 3 different solutions I have are independent of these capricious environmental variables.
Solution 1 capitalizes on state change in applying readily available technologies in using a 'fuel', that does not get used up, create waste, is toxic, or is in rare supply.  This solution could potentially not only supply a scalable, man portable. on up to city sized consumption clean energy solution, but, could also supply clean, fresh water anywhere and everywhere on the planet. This solution will work in remote locations; in deserts, on the ocean, mountains, deep forests, or anywhere else far away from civilized infrastructure, as well as populated areas. 
You might say this solution answers the problem with wind turbines in what does one do when the wind doesn't blow?

Solution 2 capitalizes on a resource that's constant: Gravity.

Solution 3 can also capitalize on gravity with the addition of water, like a hydroelectric dam, but, it doesn't require a river or massive amounts of land and the environmental impact building a dam causes.  You could, potentially, have one of these in the backyard of your home. 

Any one of these solutions, developed with proper funding could net the solution holder millions in whatever currency you like to do business with.  Most importantly, these solutions can provide clean, safe, sustainable, accessible energy to everyone in every market around the world.

All of these solutions are FOR SALE. 

Granted, I'm a nobody, and there's even the possibility that someone has actually already put the pieces together in developing a similar solution to any one of these, and failed.  There's risk. 
Personally, had I the means, both with engineering and monetary, I'd pursue development of these solutions myself.  I, however, don't. 
I'm not greedy.  I'm not after wealth and power.  Had I the means, I'd develop these solutions and give them away with little regard to profit.  I just want to have enough money to eat, have a decent roof over my head, work on my art, photography, and writing, and pursue other interests. 
Each of these solutions is available at a cash price, little over one-year's salary from when I use to work in the IT industry.  I'd also love a small, negotiable interest, company shares, or some other token attached to the success of the project solution, so, when you make 50 million, I might get the added bonus of another year's salary.
Yes, there's risk.  I'm a nobody.  I'm not a businessman either, so, whatever deal is made, you'll get the better part of it even if you just turn around and sell what you just bought to someone else. 

For someone with the means and capital to develop any one of these solutions, purchasing any one of them will be a nothing in cost.  If you find you don't like the solution, or research and development costs are too prohibitive, you can still profit by simply selling the solution to someone else. 

On purchase, I won't be disappearing into the woodwork either.  I'll still be here with 2 other solutions, potentially more if I land on something else.  I'm easy to find, and I believe in these solutions.  As said before, I'd develop them myself had I the means, or connections to those that had means, but, I don't.  At worst, you're paying a fellow a little over a year's salary for an idea that might or might not work out.  Should it work out, you'll have millions more in the bank than you already have, and be back for the other two solutions, but, by then, someone else may have purchased one of the other solutions with binding nondisclosure and non-compete agreements, thus taking them off the market. 

Whatever the case, there's risk.
You could of course also hire me as a consultant for whichever project solution you have interest in purchasing.  I'm then under your thumb.  This would be in addition to payment for the solution and you'd be paying me another salary, but, you'd have me on paper, in the organization, even if I'm just a ghost telecommuter on call. 

Whatever the case, it's your call.  Gamble with a nobody on something that could make you millions, introduce a new sustainable clean energy solution to the market, and change the planet for the better, or not. 

I'm, of course, hoping you take the gamble.  I'm poor.  I have lots of debt.  I'm hungry.  Purchasing one of these solutions would be charitable at the least.  Thanks.  I wish you all well, and the very best.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peace. Love and Happiness in the Universe

Below is a composition I'm working on.
It's based on some concepts forwarded by a a gentleman in Switzerland named Billy Meier, mostly as it pertains to his accounts of visitations by by human aliens in UFOs called Pleiadians who say that the universe is a universe of peace, love and happiness, and we here on Earth must grow away from our selfish destructive ways. 

Do I personally believe in UFOs and aliens of any kind?  I would love to, but, I've never seen a UFO, or had any experiences categorized as 'unexplained', so, until then, if ever, I remain a skeptic as it applies to UFOs and aliens.

Something of note; Billy Meier has been working on his mission to create a body of work with a beautiful message for well over 50 years.  Whether or not he's been in contact with extraterrestrials or experienced any of the fantastic things he claims is mostly irrelevant if you get to the core of his message.
Even if tomorrow he was proven an absolute fake in regard to the UFOs and Aliens, I'd still have tons of respect and admiration for the fellow for the beautiful message he's been working on for more than half a century.
Don't get me wrong.  I'm not a joiner.  The reason I like this Meier fellow so much is because I was already living my own version his message long before ever finding out about him or his message.  It's nice to find a kindred spirit.

Anyway, here's the photo composition (you can click for larger view):

This will probably go through a few more revisions before completion, but, such is what I have so far.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My most recent work

The following are my most recent compositions.

Anyone interested in purchasing prints on canvas, photo paper or any common media can contact me  For a less personal handling, you can also purchase directly from
Prints can be sized to fit any space up to 40"x60" and even larger.  Transaction cost will include cost to print, shipping, and handling.  Working directly with me, all prints will be hand signed and dated with number designation of print.  All work shown below at the time of this posting would thus be signed - Matt Marquis (ix09 Photography) 2011 - limited printing, #01, etc.

*     Work here can be representative of custom work.  Should you desire a custom image with a model of your selection, covering a theme of your choosing, I'm open to contract.

*     Prints can be sold based from print number, where also the option is available to purchase exclusivity which will take the image off the market.  Purchasing exclusivity prevents any future print runs.  If you are the first to purchase a print, that print will then be unique, and the only one print in existence.  If other prints have been made previously, your purchase will be the last.
Options for limited exclusivity are also available where you may halt any future print runs for for any negotiable number of years.
Exclusivity does not include reproduction rights.  Exclusivity does not include image display in artist portfolio or publication in in magazines, or books.   

*     If you are a model, and are interested in contacting me to schedule a photo shoot, or even arrange remote long distance handling and processing of RAW photos done by another photographer, you may also contact me at the above listed email address.  

Obi Femme Kenobi

No one messes with the Pink droid

Pink and Green


Pink Flowers

Jedi Bon Temptressa Spunk

The Painted Artist

Lite Brite Jelly

Twist and Ouch!  An Artist and her work