Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oceans in Peril: Homeless Mermaid

This is the latest composition in using the depiction of a homeless mermaid driven from her home waters by pollution and the negligence of man in caring for the environment.

More work similar to this can be seen:

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Texas Howdy from the Lone Star Planet

These can be purchased printed on T-shrits, aprons, pajamas, underwear, stickers, buttons, Bags, water bottles, Shower curtain, and many other things at:

Howdy, from the Lone Star Planet.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For Sale!

You can now purchase a variety of different items with some of my work printed on them.

Items range from shirts, clocks, water bottles, bags, underwear, pajamas, stickers, magnets, shower curtains, among many others.

Please feel free to contact me regarding custom requests.

For instance, I am in the process of removing models from some compositions to leave the background as a stand-a;one piece.  Some of these backgrounds will be customized a little further.

Once again: 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


To compliment the Gemini piece posted before this one, I've put together this composition with some Taurus symbolism.

There may still be some work and details to go on this piece, but, for now, it's going on the shelf as 'finished' until some new ideas bubble to the surface and I can safely look at this with new eyes.

Below, you can see some progression of the piece:

Picking parts to make a new pose.  Inspiration piece posted to left of frame.
If anyone knows the name of the artist of the inspiration piece, please comment so that I may give the artist proper credit for their work, and recognition for the inspiration.

Head, arms, legs, hands and feet chosen, and stitched together for a pose that works.  
The pose in the inspiration piece is nice, and really well done, but, my interest wasn't in copying it; for to compose my own interpretation and vision of something similar.

 Making chrome/metallic outfits isn't too difficult, though it can be challenging at times.  It's never as simple as just using Filter->Sketch->Chrome.  Nope.  There's some tricks and a liberal amount of free-hand with some smudge thrown in as well as layering several different versions of a chrome skin over each other at differing opacity levels with blending mixed in.

Here she is with backpack jets, gloves, and collar with breathing apparatus on chest ready to mount the fish-bowl helmet.  At this point I bleed off some of the color vivacity by adding a layer of 0000 Black set on 50% opacity with Color Blending option selected on the layer.  
Desaturatiing a piece by using a black layer at the top gives more flexibility in the level of color in a piece without losing the original level of eye-stabbing color.

Here she is minus some few tweaks to color, vibrance, highlights, shadows, detail level and a few other bits.  I had a difficult time choosing between this one, and the one posted above.  In the end, I may revert back to this one, or, combine the two through a layer of opacity, or a blending option.

Just as above, so below.  Here's the 'final' outcome.  
The Stars of the Taurus constellation are arrayed from upper left corner diagonally down to the planet  with the water filled crater.  The Pleiades are also there on the 'shoulder' of the bull.
The shape of the constellation is then mirrored back up and diagonally to the right with the space elevator counterweight, water filled crater, energy bubble on satellite, fish-bowl helmet, and the V of the jet pack.
Further, if the crater sea on the planet is looked at closer, horns have been added up top for the Taurus symbol

Several additional changes have occurred as well with a recent update.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silver and Gold, Duality, Gemini

This composition is in the works, though mostly finished.
It's in the place I want it, but, there's a few nagging things that still need redress.
The Gemini symbolism needs a little bit more work.
The hand in the lap with Blue/Gold is also bothering me, so, I may remove that arm/hand combo, and put in another arm/hand doing something else more active or visible.

Getting the model put together in one piece took well over a dozen frames stitched together.  The original piece, which I'll post at the bottom, was a close crop frame, capturing only the model's head, and upper torso; itself  coposite of two frames.

Greater detail added.  Getting close to finished.

still needs more detail ...

work in progress ... Left side mostly finished (choosing arm/hand at this point)

Here's the 'original' Frame/crop (also a composite)

Switching through and looking between this last (original) one and the final pose position, you can see where the knees blocked half of the model's bust, and abdomen.
The knees were removed, and you, of course see the results.  
Since the very top of the heads were chopped, new hair styles were also brought into play.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Event Horizon

The following is a revisit of a shot I've previous composed, but, an altogether new composition.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 Ravens and a Viking(ish) girl

This composition combines 5 different photos of the model into a unique pose not captured during the photo shoot.  Shot originally in 2009, model nude, against dark backdrop.  All elements; clothing, jewelry, tattoos, spear, and location/atmosphere were added post production.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's good to be the King ...

According to an article on Slashdot, you can get 15 years in prison for criticizing the King of Thailand.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gynoid 1.02

This work and many others can be purchased in several sizes at

The following is another revision I've been working on with some false positive finishes.
I think I may be finished now.

Changes to hair, makeup and background are major points among several others.

Gynoid v1.02:

This work and many others can be purchased in several sizes at